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A few crackers to say the least


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Hottest Women in American Politics

When I asked SMC if I could contribute yet another list of the hottest women in a certain category they said sure, can you do it next week?  I said I’m busy next week, they said how about the week after?   I said the week after is worse than next week.  Finally we agreed on a good time for both of us — true story.  Well here it is, the hottest women in American politics.  And, be warned that the phrase “in politics” has been very liberally applied cause there sure are a lot of dogs out there running this country.

1 — Jenny Sanford

Work it Jenny

Now I know what your gonna say.  Oi, Shane, get it together, Jenny’s not a politician.  To that I say two things, one, remember the liberal application of the term “in politics” — so you’re not getting me on that, and two, that you obviously have missed South Carolina political insiders speculating that she could make a run in South Carolina.  Either way she is damn sexy, smart, independently wealthy, lives in South Carolina, and probably has about 3 golden retrievers.  I say it’s a good thing she ditched “God Boy” Mark Sanford.

2 — Sarah Palin

Doin it — the only way she knows how
Yep, had to do it.  Even though I think that she isn’t fit work at at Oil n’ Go, let alone govern a state or country, she has got a shape to her and I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed, as long as she doesn’t open her mouth — not because of what she would say but because of that hideous accent of hers, uughhh!  I also have to confess to being a pretty big Todd Palin fan.  He just seems like a cool guy who probably fishes pretty hard in the warmer months.  Oh, and she looks like Peggy Hill, which is funny.

3 & 4 — Michelle Obama and Jill Biden


The first lady and the whatever the Vice President’s wife is called are pretty sexy.  Jill is a nice blonde who likes to smile a lot and Michelle is a stylish women who I can honestly say that I  would not be man enough to handle.  She is big and in charge and I guess Barry handles her alright, but I can’t say for sure causes they don’t really talk publicly about there sex life, at least in the publications I read.  Jill, on the other hand, I reckon I could handle, but as we say in Vermont — hard sayin, not knowin, but ya gotta wonder.  I do believe there will never be time when we have such babes in the WH so let’s all enjoy it.

5 — Jennifer Granholm


Eh, I guess.  At this point who really cares.  Granholm is alright, but I found a particularly flattering picture of her, one where she has longer hair and had not yet become Jennifer Manholm (credit my older brother with that one).  She is a Canuck, so, that’s alright.  This list seemed like a good idea before I realized that there really aren’t too many hot politicians that I could find.  Of course there are probably some bombshell mayors in small towns across the nation but how I am supposed to find them, huh?  Some sort of database with a picture of every female mayor and state senator in it?  Well I don’t have the resources, maybe in some news organization they have things like that, but that’s none of my business.   I made my decision to freelance and I’m gonna live with it.

6 —  Caroline Kennedy

Party at the compound

She looks pretty old and not sexy in this picture but she’s alright.  She’s a Kennedy, that’s kind of sexy, what with all those parties at the Compound in Hyannis and such.   There was a time when she would have been number one on the list (maybe a year ago) but I have changed.  I still like her, but she no longer blows me away.

7 —  Michelle Bachman

Psycho hose beast

Zach made me put her on the list, I guess he’s got a thing for her.  She is a psycho hose beast.  I would wager that even her father wouldn’t dispute that.  She’s not bad looking, though I thought she was hotter than she actually is.  Believe it or not this is the best picture I could find of her.  She probably appeals to the kind of guy that find Ann Coulter attractive.  Ugghhh!!!

**Yulia Tymoshenko**


Um, yes please, take two.  Yulia knows the score even if the Ukraine doesn’t.  Could you imagine if our Prime Minister looked like this?  Damn!!!!  I don’t think she is gonna be el presidente of Ukraine but still, she knows how to work it — Fact.   Unfortunately, because of a certain rule, Yulia can’t be on our list (you know the one that says you must be in American politics.  I know I’m as angry as anyone) but I still wanted to recognize her for her outstanding work in the field of being sexy.

Ones that didn’t make the list as I could not in good conscience put them on,

– Jan Brewer

– Bev Perdue

– Christine Gregoire

– Maria Cantwell

– Blanche Licoln

– Gretchen Whitmer

I would also like to apologize for my lack of enthusiasm regarding these women and there beauty (save Jenny).  I just couldn’t fake it, and for that I apologize.  They can’t all be Yulia.  Also, I am very aware that I must have missed some hotties that work for Uncle Sam but maybe later we can work together to get this list right.


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Canada’s Stupid Olympic Jersey Ad

Really Canada?  Sure  you are going to kick everyone’s asses in Vancouver, but do you not see how patently idiotic this ad is?

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