Naked Pictures of Bill Simmons’ Wife

Ha-ha. Remember this old trick, you fucking sucker? There are no pictures of Bill Simmons wife, at least not here. This post only begs you to ask yourself: why am I Googling for pictures of some goofy looking sportswriter’s wife? Is it just because his book hit number one on the New York Times’ best-seller list that you are now taking time out of your day to search the Internet for some anonymous mother of two?  Does that justify it? Sure it doesn’t take long to run an internet search, and you were curious, and it was there. But think about this: when was the last time you called your dear old mother to tell her that you love her? When was the last time you flossed you teeth? When was the last time you looked up a word you didn’t know in the dictionary? I don’t know how you would answer any of these questions specifically, but I can say that you have definitely spent a portion of your life Googling for photos of some random wife more recently…

There are plenty of fun other things to do on the internet besides… see, here is a hot chick, and below her, an bear playing hockey!

Bill Simmons' Wife

Not Bill Simmons' Wife



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2 responses to “Naked Pictures of Bill Simmons’ Wife

  1. joe williams

    Learn some english you dumb ass

  2. I lost a lot of respect for simmons when he ripped on the movie invictus and praised the blind side. He said, can you name any other player besides Pienaar on the Springboks? No, cause we aren’t meant to, its not about the rugby team. He also said it was unbelievable that Damon was supposed to be playing 6’4 francois pienaar. I agree he did have chicken legs, but like simmons had any friggin idea who pienaar was before the movie and the post movie wikipedia look up. It’s like when George Vecsey writes about soccer in the times

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