Slow Peace Year…

We have joked here at SMC about slow news days—they happen. When they do, they affect the more ‘mainstream’ outlets most heavily. This is when you see those stupid “Top 5” lists or “Tips on How To….” articles that clearly have nothing to do with new at all. I though something was up when I saw who won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. That Mr. Obama—a man struggling to fix his own country’s economy, drumming up support for more troops in Afghanistan, and working on building missile-(shields) in eastern europe—has walked ass-backwards into a Nobel Prize says something about the state of peace in the world today.

Well I submit that 2009 was a slow peace year. I mean honestly, the Nobel Peace prize for someone whose foreign policy experience is less than a year as as President of the United States? This man led a bid for the olympics that lost out to a city controlled by gangs, he’s spent more money on the largest domestic spending program in the history of the United States and is struggling to keep peace within Congress and our own country as he plows ahead with Healthcare reform. Yet he’s the best at making peace the world has got?

This is not to criticize Mr. Obama or his goals and efforts for peace—both are admirable and effective. It is, however, a sad commentary on the state of peace in general.

Anyhow, here are President Barack Obama’s foreign relations stats through his first 100 days:

– Meetings with foreign leaders: 44
– Phone calls to foreign leaders: 56
– Countries visited: 8
– Multilateral summits attended: 4
– Overseas press conferences and availabilities: 11
– Discussions with foreign youth: 2
– Foreign Interviews given: 3


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