Sen. Hatch, Defender of “Right to Life” …Sort of

C-Span’s coverage of the Finance Committee debates on healthcare got a little interesting today (interesting on C-SPAN is relative, I admit). Senator Hatch has his panties in a bunch and introduced an amendment to the Senate healthcare proposal that explicitly calls out abortion and restricts any Federal funds from paying for or subsidising any insurance policy covering abortion. He would require such coverage to come from a private supplemental policy women could purchase. I assume he expects women to forecast unintended, forced or dangerous pregnancies—even those with clear health risks—or bear the entire cost of the procedure themselves.

The underlying argument being that use of Federal funding (i.e., tax payer monies) for a procedure that does not uphold and respect a “right to life” is morally wrong. Despite this reasoning being applied to issues relating to a woman’s right to chose, prosecution of the 45 Federal capital offenses in the United States Code draws no such criticism. In Fact, Senator Hatch even voted to expand the list of Federal capital offenses in 1994*; does he expect others to take his “right to life” rhetoric seriously if even he cant?

A Plebian.

*U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 103rd Congress – 2nd Session

H.R. 3355 (Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 )


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