Best Computer Game Ever.

Some game franchises introduce new versions every year. You [Mr. Madden] know who you are. The true masterpieces, though, in a mere iteration or two not only withstand tests of time, but transcend it. These games are as good, if not better, now than they were at their introduction. Games like “GoldenEye 007” and “Mario Kart” fit that bill.

Oregon Trail 2By that measure, “Oregon Trail”  is, was and shall forever remain the ultimate gaming masterpiece. And the geniuses at MECC managed to sneak it into damn near every public school in the country. For nearly a decade Oregon Trail was the only reason kids wanted to jump on the Apple II sitting on a desk in the back of the classroom. Shit, the only reason I know places like Chimney Rock, Fort Kearney and the Willamette Valley is the countless number of wagon trips I led along the trail.

Anyhow, before it gets too nostalgic here’s a link back to 4th grade:

Oregon Trail

Play Oregon Trail.


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