Naked Shill: The Blitzball.

The mail department here at SMC gets its share of press releases and solicitations. I wonder how many meetings they had at 5W Public Relations before they could send me this thought provoking gem:

Story Idea: Celebrity Influence on Teens/Youth

Once in a blue moon the promise of something cool or something free is enough to garner a response. Enter  Blitzball. Kim Zaharias sent such a note promising “the ideal product for backyard baseballers to live that dream.” The product in question appeared to be a Wiffle Ball on crack—at least in the promotional video, so we had to have one. What “that” dream was didn’t really matter; we just wanted the swag.

BlitzballSure enough, the good folks at Kimberly Ellen & Company sent out a Blitzball for the editors to throw around. Our first outing was cut short in the parking lot of Club Risque on a Thursday night following a Phillies game. We only got a few tosses in before a bouncer got excited. After a heated discussion who exactly owns the street (infield) and who owns the parking lot (outfield) and where he’d stick our new toy if the Blitzball were to leave the infield, we decided to cut and run.

It took some time to get used to throwing the thing, which was odd because it’s a lot like a baseball. Once we did, the ball was dancing almost like it did in the promo video. Blitzball is not only a Wiffle Ball on crack, it’s been juicing too. It throws harder, hits harder and flies farther than the its lighter Wiffle Ball cousin. Its only fault may be it’s heavy-duty construction and speed, which makes it difficult to use in any crowded area (as the bouncer at Risque pointed out so nicely).

And here it is, your naked shill: Blitzball is available from College Hill Games.



5W Public Relations: Stop with the “story ideas.”

The General Public: Buy a Blitzball.

College Hill Games: Make more games.

Kim at Kimberly Ellen & Co.: Please send more toys.

All For Now.




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2 responses to “Naked Shill: The Blitzball.

  1. Nick

    Very cool…and it sounds like the folks at Kimberly Ellen and Company are some of the most creative in the business. Can’t wait to get my Blitzball!

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