Demi Moore’s Bush Gets Bigger: Reaches #1 in Google Trends

demi moore bushYe Gods! Why make stuff up when the truth is this good. Demi Moore Bush is the top trend according to Google this Tuesday morning (nice to see “Glenn Beck Dead” is hanging tough at no. 19).

foliageCan’t you just see Burt Reynolds sitting in his boxers and cowboy boots all covered in Vaseline? He’s probably Googling “Demi Moore’s Bush” right now to relive the glory from his role in Striptease, but I digress. From the looks of things Demi is either preparing for winter already, or trying to make Bruce Willis’ head jealous. Whatever the case, isn’t the “Medium” hotness rating a bit generous, Google Trends?

Demi Moore steals the thunder from fall foliage with her insanely overgrown bush. Sure the foliage in New England has more colorful leaves, but Demi's foliage is about eight times thicker. Foliage experts claim this year wont have the bright colors tourists expect on account of global warming. If that's the case, skip the drive and cozy up to the internets because Demi's black foliage is there for the looking. Foliage in fall is full of pretty leaves.

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