Welcoming Ron Mexico.

VICKIt was a big day in Philly—the beginning of the Michael Vick era. Although Vick played well, one couldn’t help but think the Eagles offense is suffering from (political correctness aside) an abundance of chiefs and too few indians.

Security personnel were sharp to protect Michael Vick from potential antagonists ready to refrence the new Eagle’s involvement in a dog fighting ring. There were extra security and event staff in and around Lincoln financial field to deal with protesters outside.  It was clear that there was a memo and that people were told to hold a zero tolerance stance on any reference to Vick’s legal troubles. Apparently the memo failed to warn about the potential Ron Mexico references (for the uninitiated, read more on Vick, a.k.a. “Ron Mexico”; or generate your own Ron Mexico alias).


It was sometime in the third quarter when Donovan and Vick noticed the sign. Within minutes a member of the field personnel had radioed security. After being threatened with ejection for rowdy behavior, I noticed the man on the field who was talking into his radio. “The sign has got to go. Get that sign out of here.”

_DSC1615I acknowledged the sign but did not surrender it and maintained that I was merely exercising my First Amendment rights, and doing so without profanity.

After the game, I felt I needed to make amends with Mr. Vick, in much the same way he has with animal rights folks. The best way to do this was signing the “Black Community Supports Michael Vick” banner.



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