Fun With License Plates

A recent trip to the west coast opened my eyes to the extent of California’s car culture. I expected to see super cars, classic cars and custom cars, as well as more than a few vanity plates. Of course there were plates with things like CSHFLW, 2NDWIFE, POMPOMS, XLR82XS, but it was the plates that had symbols of hands and hearts on them that caught my eye—and got the gears of mischief churning.

Turns out the hand and heart are among a few symbols Californians may choose to put on their license plates to show their support for children. I’m not sure this is what they had in mind. These are currently available from the California DMV so anybody with a California License and a new car sans tags should consider spending the extra $80 bucks and give one of these vanity plates a shot.

There is one for the hander outer (everyone likes a giver):

Picture 40There’s the one for fans (and who isn’t, really?):

Picture 39And a variation on the old favorite “NE1 4 10S”, only classier:

Picture 42


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