Going Postal


The employees at the Post Office in Lawrence, NJ (08648) got a extra lunch break today. It was just one of those days in sleepy Lawrenceville, New Jersey. The kind of day where you might buy a Trentonian from a machine at the Post Office, but leave your package behind. One not-so-sleepy resident may have been a bit on edge when she called the local police yesterday. _DSC5545

A little after two in the afternoon someone noticed a package on top of a newspaper machine—at the Post Office—and called police. Police rushed to the scene to investigate the package and quickly closed off the street in front of the Post Office. Taking no risks, the Lawrence Police were quick to involve the Fire Department as well as the State Police. In a strong show of force, the three departments investigated this package on a newspaper machine—at the Post Office.

The cavalry arrived on scene, and decided to allow the folks living along the closed street across from the Post Office to remain ignorant to the man in armor and a helmet carrying a machine on a tripod._DSC5559

Once the machine was in place, the man in armor ducked behind the corner of the brick Post Office wall and pressed some buttons. Apparently satisfied, he collected his tripods and headed to an unmarked Suburban. A conference at the tailgate ensued, somewhat reminiscent of an NFL play that has just been reviewed. The armored man emerged and walked towards the package.


This time, with the addition of a box cutter and latex gloves, the man in armor took cover behind the newspaper stand and slit open the package. He poked around and then casually picked up the package and returned to his Suburban. Within minutes the caution tape was down the police were dispersing. I asked a fireman who was tearing down the tape the package was just cookies or something and he said, “Pretty much, pretty much.”

An hour and a half after it began, the liberty pass expired for the Post Master General’s Lawrence Army.


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