Next Items Up for Bids: One Sequined Glove

Picture 87So what’s going to happen to the yellow ties and sequined gloves the Jacksons are sporting at Michael’s Memorial Service this afternoon? I’m sure they’d fetch a pretty penny at auction, and the city of Los Angeles probably wouldn’t be disappointed if they were sold off to help foot the $4-6 Million they’re dropping on the event.

As a wagering man, I’d also be willing to put up the farm that men’s shops will be hurrying to get their hands on look-a-like yellow ties, as fans scoop them up in their own tributes. And for anyone who’s got a Bedazzler lying around somewhere, time to dust it off and get to work. Looks like the sequined glove is making a comeback.


Get your yellow tie here: Classic Light Yellow Silk Tie by Royal Silk®

And that sequined glove can be gotten here: Sequin Glove



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2 responses to “Next Items Up for Bids: One Sequined Glove

  1. Chriss

    i just whant to know were can i find those gloves i realy like it and i whant to have one actualy can some1 tell me were can i buy or i dont know something i realy like the glove!!!

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