The Worst Ad On Television

If you’ve watched any amount of TV over the past several months, you’ve probably seen the following ad play at least once. It’s standard Marine fare, for the most part, but one glaring outrage really sets it apart from the rest. See if you can spot what it is:

Still stumped? Do you recognize this?
Picture 6

Yes, it’s a V-22 Osprey, the most hideous example of military procurement run amok this country has ever known. Putting a shot or two of such a hideous boondoggle into the ad in and of itself is not so galling, but when you put the text “WE DON’T MAKE COMPROMISES” so as to directly fall between an aircraft so patently shitty that it killed more than 20 Marines while in development, cost more than 27 billion dollars to develop, and doesn’t possess enough basic protection/reliability to be flown in combat, you’re either an idiot, don’t care, or assume your viewers are all fools. A troop transport plane that can’t fly in combat. No compromises indeed.
If there were any sense in the world, the existing Osprey’s would all be scrapped and sold to the Chinese.


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