Swine Flu, the Liberal Media and the Obama Administration: A Healthcare Plot.

Think about this for a second. Now that the smoke has cleared and reason has taken hold, there is little to worry over swine flu. There will be no pandemic, schools won’t be turned to hospitals and theaters to morgues. It’s just another strain of the flu. Why then did we all get so worked up over it? The answer is simple: somebody wanted that hype. Somebody created the disease, somebody named it and somebody sent the news folks to suck it all up and spread it round.


Who would do this? Shouldn’t the media be diligent and not create public alarm when there should be none? The answer is yes, unless they’ve been played—this time by the Obama administration. During the Bush II White House we saw this in the lead up to the Iraq War among other places. A story seeded here and there by administration officials to create public sentiment in favor of reacting harshly in Iraq against WMD


Interesting that Mr. Obama is just now starting to put the wheels on his healthcare reform wagon he is about to roll through The Congress. Part of that was swiping Sen. Arlen Spector from the Republicans to get his magic 60 votes in the Senate. The other piece of maneuvering done with the help of operatives in Mexico, a creative naming department and the good ole’ liberal media.


Take a desease nobody’s ever seen, but that isn’t terribly harmful in non-impoverished areas. Then give it a catchy name we can all remember. Seed it in an impoverished and call the newspapers. Creating a public that is ready for healthcare reform is that easy.


Mexico was a logical place to drop the virus: close, poor and easy to remember. This factored into a higher death toll, so the newspapers had to send reporters. It’s unknown nature let us think that it could become a dangerous pandemic for a couple of weeks until sceintists debunked it’s lethality.


Sure, now we all realize that the swine flu poses no more real danger than plain-old-flu, but we have all been reminded of what could happen. Scenes of quarrentines, people going to hospital, death from a communicable disease have contributed and made health care a top-of-mind issue for Americans (and the world). Sounds like the perfect time to try push that healthcare wagon through Congress to me, doesn’t it Mr. President?


Adlai Plebeian


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