The NBA is Junk

As a non-basketball fan who has watched a surprising amount of the sport over the past few months for various reasons, I have come to realize that there is a glaring malignancy in the sport (or NBA, at least) that reaches far beyond my normal and meritorious complaint that the sport by design is boring*: that malignancy is that there exist no standards for officiating the games.  It’s literally (literally, I mean exactly the definition of that word, it is not used here for effect) impossible to tell what is a foul and what is not from one play to the next.  The officiating is completely arbitrary.  There is a damn fine reason why that stupid bastard Tim Donaghy was an NBA official and not in the NFL, simply because he could never get away with rigging games in the NFL, or any other respectable professional sport for that matter.  Or at least not without someone getting suspicious.  There is also a damn fine reason why so many NBA players cry after every play, namely that the officials have either called an unwarranted foul or that they have missed a warranted one.  

Are there bad/missed/blown calls in other sports?  Of course there are, but nothing nearly as capriciously shitty as goes on in the NBA from game-to-game as a matter of course.  I am a fairly savvy sports fan: I can explain pass interference, hockey icing and offsides, the goalie rectangle, and a balk in baseball, but I have absolutely no clue from one play to the next why one action is a foul and another is not.  And that’s a major problem for a sport to have, and it is why the NBA sucks… aside from being boring.  

*Seriously, just give each team 75 points and let them play for five minutes.  The rest of it is pointless horseshit.


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