Top Five Tailgate Games

dsc_0219a15. Kan-Jam! (Trash Can Frisbee) . Tailgate games should be easy to make, portable and, of course, fun. It doesn’t get much easier, or cheaper, than lopping the top off of a couple of trash cans with a hacksaw. If you don’t already have a frisbee, you should. It could rate higher, but tests showed you can only play about 30 minutes before some hippie runs off with the ‘bee.

4. Beirut/Beer-Pong/Whatever The Hell You Call It. Cheap, easy, portable. This one has it all. It can’t be any higher on the list; it’s a game with reach far beyond the tailgate. Leaving it off the list entirely would be a crime, so here’s to the old standby of Beirut.

3. Washers. Washers is like horseshoes for all terrain. I don’t know why, but i think carnival when ever this game comes out. Maybe it’s because tossing a small washer into a coffee can resembles that bottle ringtoss game. More likely it’s because carney-folk are so damn good at it; their small hands tailor-made to toss washers long into the night.

2. Corn Hole. Let’s face it; this is here as much for the name as it is the game itself. Seriously, is there anything more fun than going up to friends and strangers alike saying, “How about you and me play a little cornhole”? Well, maybe there is; and that’s actually playing a round of cornhole.

1. Dizzy wiffle-bat. No game challenges the tailgater in all facets of his game like the drunken dizzy wiffle bat. It takes chugging ability, mental fortitude, balance and hand eye co-ordination to pass this test. Games are about wining and nothing is more satisfying than a dizzy wiffle bat win. The closest thing to smashing an empty beer can with a wiffle bat before your opponent anybody can feel is hitting a walk-off home run in the World Series.



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5 responses to “Top Five Tailgate Games

  1. Cornhole is awesome…thanks for adding it to your list of tailgate games.

    • Jill

      Cornhole Racing is even better then Cornhole. I played it last year at a Brown’s game. Check it out at

  2. Thank you for adding cornhole to your list of top tailgate games.

  3. Check out FRISBEER!!

    love bocce too…

  4. Nate

    Have you tried BecoBall? It’s basically a combination of cornhole and skeeball, very portable, and you toss round hacky sack balls instead of square bean bags.

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