Mets Tickets Anyone?

Bernie Madoff will not attend the Mets opener at Citi Field on Friday, apparently it’s a scheduling issue. That and the fact that everything he owns is being sold off at a court ordered fire-sale. So here’s the good news: if you’re free this friday for less than a grand you could sit in Bernie Madoff’s “Delta Club Gold Seats!” and see the Muts [sic.] christen their new home.

I’m a sucker for a hot ticket and the first game in Citi Field certainly qualifies. These tickets, however, just aren’t that good. For a man worth $823 million dollars, couldn’t he afford better seats? Technically they’re Club Gold seats, but they’re in row 8; row 9 is Club Silver. Did he even consider Club Platinum? Honestly, how good can they be if you are still sitting behind seven rows of people? However if you are interested and have a grand to blow here’s the auction:

Bernie’s Mets Tickets HERE

UPDATE: It seems that patrick83x has moved the listing. Bernie’s Mets Tickets are now HERE 

UPDATE 2: More Madoff Mets Tickets!  Stub Hub is currently listing Madoff’s tickets for games with the Brewers and Padres. HERE, HERE & HERE


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