Mercifully Spring Training

Here are some pictures from Spring Training.  Our coverage continues later this week… maybe.  -Ed.

This is a poor season (or perhaps region) for tattoos in general.  You see, when you get your favorite team’s logo tattooed on the back of your leg, you think you are saying “I am the greatest Brewers fan on to ever roam the earth.”  You instead ar saying, “Not only do I posses both the traits of poor judgement and sensibilities, my priorities are incredibly misplaced and I am afraid of getting a tattoo in a place where it might hurt.”   



I was contemplating asking Matt Kemp whether he would enjoy a cold one in the hot Glendale Sun the other day, but I was afraid he might take me up on it as each bottle of beer sells for 6.50.  And then I was kicked out of my good seats by the hired help at the Stadium.  An elderly but determined elderly man told me to go back to the lawn, as my 10 dollar ticket did not merit sitting behind the dugout in the 8th inning of a 9-2 Spring Training Game.  



Of all the fans we have seen, Milwaukee’s carry, by far, the most dignity about them.  They are also, by far, the most fun.



This is all you need for spring training.  A radar gun, a baseball mit, and several warm Pabst that have spent the past day and a half baking in the back of your car.  A simple formula for success and triumph:




I never really thought I would ever see a Fielder getting his ass massaged, at least not with any kind of proximity to the act.  And yet here is Prince getting a butt rub on a random Monday. Pictures are ok, but a video camera would really capture much better just how much his ass jiggles.  How it jiggles so.


Are umpires drug tested?  Look at this man’s arm.



Jeff Samardardzjeia, being banged like a cheap gong.


I booed the sausage because it was Polish. Hey-O!


Heywood from Major League is unretired!




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One response to “Mercifully Spring Training

  1. likes em thick

    i came to see prince fielder’s ass rub, where’s the beef?
    and i also noticed promises of a naked lou pinella and sarah palin, but no money shot. why do you toy with me like this. show me the goods!!!

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