My Interview With Obama

I had a quick interview with President-elect Obama the other day.  It was a little rough in parts.  I think it’s because of the obama_interview_08191stress related to finding the right kind of Portugese Water Dog he promised his daughters, but perhaps not. Anyway, the transcript follows.  I’ve included audio for Barack, but since themic was pointed away from me and towards him, I am a bit garbled on the recording and am hence going to just type out my questions.

P. Mcgraw: Hey Mr. President, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.  Let’s cut right to it then, if the so-called stress tests your administration imposes on the nation’s leading banks discovers massive systemic insolvency of our financial system and we are indeed staring down the barrel of nationalization of large swaths of America’s private banks, what, then, is your reaction?

Um… well, okay, I guess that might be the case for a lot of us. I’d have to admit that I am not as up-to-speed as I could be on the whole financial mess…

Well, that’s… I… just…. I… don’t know what to say about that Mr. President. I’m not sure that’s a fair criticism, this is my first interview with a major public figure. My next question was about Sarah Palin…

Right, yeah, well, I don’t disagree with that. Did you ever meet her during or after the election, and if so, what did you say?

Well, don’t you think Todd Palin might object to that kind of come on?

Again, no disagreement here… say, do you think you could share some of those fries with me? I haven’t eaten since-

Well, ok… um… say, my friends and I are having a little wine and cheese party later tonight… do you… ah… would you care to go? Maybe unwind a bit?

[end recording]


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