Robby Alomar Reprised

It was a couple of months we shared the details of Roberto Alomar’s legal troubles. I thought it necessary to revisit the Alomar story. Some interesting reading, notably this from the Village Voice blog got me to dig up some photographs that seem to back their story:

In 1996, after Alomar spat in umpire John Hirschbeck’s face while with the Orioles, umpire Al Clark remarked, “If I were John, I’d insist that Robbie Alomar take an AIDS test.” Rumors that Alomar is gay have circulated for years; ball talk listed him among “Baseball’s Top 10 Gay Icons” in 2004. “Alomar had a wee mustache in his youth,” they wrote, “and later sported full-on beards, most notably tennis star Mary Pierce.”

So I give you Five resons we all should have seen this coming:




























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