Dick Move

alomar1Roberto Alomar. How is this not a bigger story? Roberto Alomar has full-blown AIDS and has been banging his girlfriend for three years—without telling her! Now she wants $15MM. You’re goddamn right she does. He wasn’t screwing around with HIV or sort-of AIDS, full-on AIDS!

The New York Post was kind enough to post the details of the suit on its website, complete with Mr. Alomar and Ms. Dall’s addresses. From the looks of things Dall’s attorneys are quite confident—she’s already started redecorating. But seriously, for $15MM can’t you do better than Crate & Barrel? Roberto isn’t exactly feeling the recession from his marina either. He should have no trouble scraping up the money to pay Ilya, or selling the story rights for some made for TV movie. I can see the title now: Posion Dart: The Roberto Alomar Story


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