Sullenberger For the Presidential Medal of Freedom

There aren’t many occasions where we here at Sweet Merciful Crap feel compelled to get behind causes, but that’s because other people’s causes suck.  So we’re launching our own.  We’re launching a drive to get Barack Obama to award Cactus 1549, Captain Chesley Sullenburger III,the nation’s highest civilian award: the Presidential Medal of Freedom.   Sully is the man who skillfully landed a plane full of terrified

 Americans in the Hudson river  on a gold January morning not too long ago and walked the aisles making sure everybody got off that sinking tube of death before he did.  Our reasoning is this:

The last three Presidential Medal of Freedoms went to George Tenet, Tommy Franks, and Paul Fucking Bremer.  Paul Bremer is the man who thought it would be a good idea to disband the Iraqi army and did so without really consulting anyone about it, a decision that led to about three extra years of horror, shame and young Americans getting their lives mangled by IEDs and Iraqis getting lit up by .50 calibers at checkpoints.  He has more blood on his hands than just about anybody on this young millennium. The man was a boob and a fool and an unmitigated failure at the task his nation sent him to do, and W said “thanks for the service” and hung that medal around his neck.  If some hapless idiot like Bremer gets a Medal of Freedom, than Sullenberger damn well ought to get one. Look at this:

A chat between a man in a tower and a man with a doomed airplane

A chat between a man in a tower and a man with a doomed airplane

The man is ice.  Cold as ice. No fear, nothing.  

Audio Here: 

Other notable Americans who have won the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

Mr. Rogers:











C Everett Coop:












Arthur Ashe:












Look, nothing against any of these guys, but none of them ever landed a powerless planeload of 150 people in a river with sheer instinct and steely determination.  Give Sully the Presidential Medal of Freedom today! Sign the petition here:


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