The Vagina Kidney Removal Story

We here at Sweet Merciful Crap are all for the advancement of medical technology.  Better living for us all, eh?  So we greeted the news that doctors successfully yanked a kidney out of a vaginal canal with exuberance… But we have several questions about the vagina kidney removal story that ran on CNN today for you to consider, perhaps during casual conversation at an upcoming cocktail hour with friends or coworkers.  You can read the whole thing here

1) Why did CNN feature this story as it’s headline piece on  Is the news really that important/relevant?

2) Who the hell let the author write the following: A kidney weighs approximately one pound and is roughly the size of a clenched hand?  The writer made that fisting reference deliberately, I won’t be convinced otherwise.

3) Why the hell would the donor let her picture be taken with all the surgeons surrounding her and then distributed on the news wires?  Does she need that kind of press?  This is the kind of photo they release from the NASA jet propulsion laboratory when a team of rocket scientists puts a rover on Venus, everyone standing around looking giddy with success.  Look at this photo, look at the unmitigated joy on everyone’s faces as they bask in the sheer glory of having removed a kidney through a vagina in a bag.  Truly bizarre.


The Kidney Vagina Team

The Kidney Vagina Team

3b) As a follow up, how would you like a doctor with the hair stylings of the guy in the back pulling a vagina out of your kidney?

4) Read the following: 

In an effort to ensure a more sterile procedure, the vagina is treated with Betadine, a sterilizing solvent commonly applied during surgery.”It’s good to take such [sterilization] measures,” said Dr. Jihad Kaouk, director of laparoscopic and robotic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. “But the tube touched the vagina. And the bag touched the tube. And the bag touched the kidney”

How legitimate are Doctor Jihad’s criticisms of the sterilization measures?


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