Audio from Newark Air Traffic Control

newyork_english_5_d_734507gWe’re all waiting for video footage of the ditch into the Hudson yesterday, but apparently no footage has yet emerged. In the mean time SMC has gotten their hands on audio from the controllers at Newark Airport. Listen to the controller direct traffic around an incident from Laguardia. Other pilots are asked if they can see anything in the Hudson, and repeatedly are told it’s an A320. About 5 minutes into the audio, the controller is asking pilots to confirm a report that it went into the river. They are told to look for people or wreckage about where the Emprie State Building is in but in the river, and then told to look near the Intrepid. Link to the audio here:


HERE’s the audio. Below are the references to the US Air flight:

0:40 – Update on heading of the aircraft

1:25 – Lost radar contact with the aircraft

2:04 – False alarm, thought they spotted it

3:12 – Garbled in background chatter about looking in the Hudson

4:04 – Nothing in the river “Negative Negative”

5:00 – “No solid reports” “One sighting in the river”

6:15 – Look for activity in the water people, an airplane

6:20 – It’s in the river

6:34 – “What carrier was that?”

6:46 – “Near the Intrepid”

6:54 – “I dont see it”


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