The 10 Greatest Love Songs On My iPod

I have compiled the 10 greatest love songs on my iPod for all to enjoy during the holidays.



1.  Fairytale of New York — Shane Macgowan


Aruably the greatest song ever written.  If you’re American, chances are pretty good that you’ve never heard it, but if you’re British, I reckon you hear it every Christmas.  RIP — Kirsty MaCcoll (she was tragically run over by a boat).


2There Is A Light That Never Goes Out — The Smiths


A classic about the pain of loving someone.


 3.   Keep Me In Your Heart For Awhile  — Warren Zevon


In my opinion it took terminal cancer for Warren Zevon to write a decent song.  Alright, “Splendid Isolation” and “Werewolves of London” were good, but other than them, I think he lived on reputation alone.  This particular song he wrote as he was dying  of cancer and I do believe it could make a stone cry.


4.  Baby Blue Sedan — Modest Mouse


What can I say, Isaac Brock is a genius.


5.  Cry No More — Buju Banton

I sure hope that Mrs. Banton appreciated this song.

 6.  No Children — The Mountain Goats

 A true classic about the trials and tribulations of relationships.



7.  Grievances — Daniel Johnston


 A crazy man who wrote a few good songs, mostly shitty, but a few good ones.  This is the best, and it’s good, real good.


8.  Only You — Yazoo


 Not much to say really, a great song, made known to me by a great show, The Office Christmas Special.

9.  Christmas Car From a Hooker In Minneapolis — Tom Waits


 And who said hookers don’t have feeling?


 10.  Making Days Longer — RJD2

  Give RJ some credit, he can make sampled beats almost like Shadow (I say

almost because nobody can touch DJ Shadow) and he can also write and sing.


 Had They Been On My iPod


Haunted — Sinead O’Connor — Written by Shane Macgowan, so you know it’s good, and Sinead isn’t so bad either


Gotta Go My Own Way — High School Musical II —Good song, really. 


The Marriage — Billy Bragg — Look it up






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