Well Played Detroit!


This pretty well sums it up.

This pretty well sums it up.

Good one Detroit! You got us. We’re all buying American, whether we want to or not. Looks like the bailout money has found it’s way into your pockets. I can only hope they make those oil cronies who helped get you into this mess find a special tax too that will help bailout the auto industry. But hey it’s not all your fault, you got screwed by the dealer network this time.

Everybody wants to wear lipstick when they go to an auto dealer, because if you’re gonna get fucked you may as well look good. But let’s hope Congress can help us keep our belts on, get some perks for us regular folk with this here bailout. It’s only fair that we receive credit towards purchasing one of those shitboxes that our tax money is building, right? Don’t we deserve to get a little bit of a break for helping Detroit pump those inferiorly huge and thirsty vehicles out of factories? Fuck employee-pricing, I’m demanding owner-pricing, because as of this January, I own your ass!


-adlai plebeian


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