The Bush Shoe Throw Affair

You see, if we had made something up on this site that read like the following nobody would’ve accepted it.  We’d be laughed at as deranged fools with both no appreciation for fine fiction or grasp of reality: 

“The sitting president of the United States was in Baghdad today, when some crazed Iraqi TV journalist unshod himself and hurled his shoes at the president’s head while screaming madly in Arabic.  The president showed remarkable agility in ducking the flying loafers.  The journalist was taken out into the hallway and was beaten into whimpering jelly by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s security detail.  Nonetheless, he is being hailed as a hero across much of the world for performing what has to be considered as the most brazen act of live, televised career suicide ever beheld.  The reaction of the world’s remaining superpower towards such a hostile act of disrespect towards their Commander in Chief could collectively be described as ‘bemused antipathy.'”

You know times are tough when the foreign press is hurling their footwear at your head of state, and nobody seems that bothered by it.  The whole episode just goes to prove the bedrock principle of Sweet Merciful Crap: the truth is always impossibly stranger than fiction.  

The video version of the episode here is by far the best, simply for the pleasure of watching Dubya flail for the appropriate response to having dress shoes hurled at his head by a crazed Arab… it’s probably the most unscripted thing that’s happened to him in the last eight years.  One thing we will miss about his presidency is the joy of watching the machinery of his brain slowly fire up to deal with the things he is forced to talk about.  You can see individually synapses in his prefrontal cortex fire in his facial expressions.  It’s pretty fun to watch:


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