One is real, the other fabricated. Take your guesses in the comments section:

Merritt Island, Fla. – Brevard County deputies arrested a man on Friday afternoon, 10 minutes after he robbed Space Coast Credit Union. Christopher Warren Reed, 45, is paraplegic who uses a motorized wheelchair. He robbed the bank and hid the money in his prosthetic leg. He entered the credit union at about 4 pm and warned the teller that he was armed with explosive. He left the credit union with an undisclosed amount of cash.
During the interrogation, Reed told the deputies that he was threatened by two men with a gun who told him to commit the robbery and were going to take the money themselves. The man is charged with several charges including threatening about hoax explosives, bank robbery, grand theft and aggravated assault.

Prosthetic Leg Robber

Prosthetic Leg Robber

Heber Springs, Ark. – The Heber Springs Sheriff’s Office has charged 37-year-old Daniel McGirken with a dozen counts of felony theft and thirteen counts of misdeameanor animal cruelty for training his pet parrots to rob jewlrey and other personal items off of unsuspecting tourists.

Heber Springs Sheriff’s spokesman Mark Franklin says McGirken taught the birds to swoop in on the thousands of tourists who visit the Heber Hot Springs Resort during the summer months, stealing shiny objects and exposed bills from the hands of the tourists. “The parrots would swoop in, swipe a necklace of a guest at the hot springs and fly back up to the safety of the trees and begin cussing at the person they had just robbed. It was one of the more bizarre things any of us here have ever seen. Lord knows how he trained them to do that.”

Police say the birds would then transport the stolen goods back to McGirken’s residence, where he was apprehended late Tuesday night. McGirken got away with his parrot scheme for several months because of the difficulty involved in tracking the pilfering parrots after they had executed their aerial thefts. “We caught a break,” says Franklin. “One of our off-duty officers spotted a parrot flying near Mr. McGirken’s residence. I hate to say it, but it was a pretty smart scheme he was running. We get [them] all in the end though.” Police estimate the value of all items stolen by the parrots at more than $5,000.



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  1. which country does a red- macaw parrot come from?

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