The Obama Endorsement

It’s a formality for me personally at this point to say it, but I endorse Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States.  It’s a formality because the man has had my vote coming for him since March 10, 2006 when I saw him give a speech in the Ira Allen Chapel at the University of Vermont.  I have a hearty distrust of all politicians, I am not a party guy one way or the other, and I am as cynical a man as you will find, but I came out of that place believing in Barack Obama as a person.  I don’t know if he’ll be a good

Liberal Elitist, My Ass!

Liberal Elitist, My Ass

president or not, that’s impossible to know; but I know I will never again have a chance to vote for anyone like him in my lifetime, and that is good enough for me.  Nonetheless, I offer the following reasons as well:

The Republican Party needs to be blown up and rebuilt for its own good, for the good of two-party democracy, and for the restoration of legitimate conservative ideas.   God-driven neoconservatism is an ugly, brutal, and stupid side of America, that has done nothing but deliver us a litany of national humiliations and shamings.  It is a great misfortune that this malignancy has taken over and continues to occupy the spine of the Republican Party.  It has coughed up impossibly incompetent fools like Tom Delay, Jack Abrhamoff, and George Bush.  Neoconservative thinking ran up a national debt of 10 trillion, led us into an unnecessary and unending war in Iraq, sat by and watched a major American city drown, gave massive tax cuts to the wealthiest people on earth, systematically dismantled as many environmental and consumer safety protections as possible, gave billions in American taxpayer subsidies to drug and oil companies, illegally spied on Americas, and established secret prisons to torture people all over the world.  When called upon to account for these failings, neoconservatives respond by slandering opponents as un-American and ask for reelection on the grounds that they are the most god-fearing candidates, and never mind their incompetence or low intellectual capacity.  It is a thinking that embraces ugly, petty, mean and vicious fools like Michelle Bachman, Roy Blunt, Rick Santorum, and Saxby Chambliss.  It is past time to purge these idiotic swine from the halls of power. Reform of the GOP starts at the top, and it starts with a 2008 electoral flogging so bad that the forces of the Republican party are forced to confront the discomforting, yet necessary, idea that they(and we)  were led horribly askew by the crooks, bunglers, and liars they ceded the helm to 2000 and 2002.

John McCain and his advisers evidently disagree with the above line of thinking.  The McCain I might’ve voted for in 2000 and 2004 apparently decided early in his presidential run that it would be shrewd to both a) abandon most of his admirable policy based principles and b) embrace President Bush’s brand of neoconservatism for his campaign run.  This candidate McCain ’08 is not who he really is, and this is why he will lose.  I hope there is a moment when he sits down and realizes what he has done, and what shame he has brought to his well-earned reputation with the campaign he has conducted.  For a man who has served his country honorably his entire life to completely cast aside his decency for eight weeks and run around the country whipping up a frenzy of hate, and fear, and bigotry can be described as nothing less than an embarrassing disgrace.  One day, I believe the real John McCain will have a moment, at least in his own head, where he realizes the despicableness of the campaign he has run. There is certainly still time to repair the damage to his honor in the eyes of history, and I suspect and hope he will do so.  

The selection of Sarah Palin for vice president was an automatic disqualifier for the GOP ticket; it was his first major presidential level decision, and he failed it.   She is a venomous muppet, unleashed on America solely for the purpose of riling the fools and rubes to the polls.  Her selection would be amusing were it not so terrifying immediate.  The world’s capitalist economy is collapsing, we are engaged in two wars, millions of Americans can’t get basic medical care, we are running out of oil, and John McCain nominates someone who thinks humans and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time and two years ago was mayor of a town without its own fire department.  No sale.  She should be (dis)regarded as the national embarrassment she is.

But again, I would vote for Obama regardless of whom he was running against.  What a credit to this nation it would be if we elected someone who had lived the American dream, a black man who was born in Hawaii, raised in Kansas, who went to do community service work after graduating college and worked himself into the upper echelons of society through hard work, natural skill, intelligence, and ambition. That is A-fucking-merica, God Damn it: I want an America where crazy success stories like that are possible!  The fucker is as smart as they come.  And besides, I say stir the pot:  He has the potential to be a transformational president, someone who permanently changes the paradigm of American government, to move us beyond the bitter Vietnam-era divisions of the Baby Boomers.

The bastards work for me, they are asking for my vote, and they serve at my pleasure and the pleasure of us all.  The last several months have been one long job interview, and it is hard to think of anyone out there, let alone John McCain, who could have made a better argument for me hiring him or her than Barack Obama.  He has been cool, calm, calculating throughout the most grueling task on earth, a run for the American presidency on a major ticket.  He is young, energetic, intelligent and dynamic.  He has not once become flustered or upset.  He has the temperament and wisdom to lead.

No one could be a more thorough repudiation of the last eight years of George Bush than this Barry guy, and that is a good thing, he has come along at the perfect time.  We need to expunge the historical stain left by those treacherous Government-by-Crooked-Dumb-Jesus-Nuts as thoroughly as possible.  He is a repudiation of everything Bush and Delay and Santorum and Cheney and Rumsfeld stand for.  Again, I don’t know whether he’ll be a good president, but he is firmly standing up to the insane Jesus-fueled ineptitude that has governed us for the last eight years and that is enough for me.

But in the end, it all comes back to the idea that there will be many, many more chances to vote for a treacherous rich white hack like John McCain (lord knows, we’ve had plenty of them), but none to vote for a man as unique, talented, thoughtful and original as Barack Obama.  He is a man of the moment, arrived- perhaps- at precisely the right time.  That there is a chance to vote for such a person defies all odds.  It really is once-in-a-lifetime, and I’ll take that chance any day.  11/3/08 ZHAllen



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2 responses to “The Obama Endorsement

  1. Great picture ZAQ. I am not a party guy either, but party on

  2. Zack can I do a piece about the hottest women over 60, who you’ve never heard of. People want to know this kind of thing and they need us journalists to help them. Remember that oath we took back in J school.

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