The Financial Crisis

We often hear much about how the proliferation of media outlets is creating an unbearable cacophony/feeding frenzy… which is true, to a large extent, but my question is why hasn’t the media gotten more creative at naming worldwide events, given all these diverse voices?   The global system of free market capitalism and 200 years of economic thinking are collapsing around our ears, and the best we can do to refer to this calamity is to call it “The Financial Crisis”?  Really?  I don’t think that really gets to the magnitude of the problem.  To wit, the time I was in a suite of the 8th floor at the Bellagio for New Year’s eve and some other folks in the room ordered hookers they couldn’t pay for or get to leave at 4 am, that was a financial crisis.  If you have any good suggestions for a better title, the comments are now open.

And on a completely unrelated note, here’s the song of the day: Passion Pit- Sleepyhead


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