Republicans And Red Sox: Identity In Crisis

    Thursday’s Red Sox win offers an excellent reminder for all you Obama supporters “measuring the drapes.” When it comes to Republicans and the Crimson Hose, its never over, until its over. Upon close examination, this year’s Red Sox have a lot more in common with the GOP than just their favorite color.

    Of course, both are relentless fighters and solid and respectable institutions of American life. But there is a melancholy hanging over everything. A sadness born from the price of their recent success.
   I think, deep down, the Republicans and the Red Sox know that their identities have been forever changed during the Bush years.
   The Republicans, who played their, “What’s The Matter With Kansas?” hand so effectively in the past, lost sight of true conservatism, and are finding it tougher to dupe working class voters in times of real struggle. The “Joe The Plumber” story perfectly illustrates the disconnect. He’s not a plumber and he’s also not rich. Joe isn’t really trying to buy a small business and disturbed by the tax hike he’ll get once he makes more than $250,000 bucks a year. He should be so lucky. The real Joe makes $40,000 a year and will see a better tax cut under Obama’s plan. The Party is imploding, losing big business and alienating the suburbs as it consolidates its base of uneducated rural voters and evangelicals.

   The Red Sox also have a disconnect.  For years “The Sawx” presented themselves as a hard-scrabble bunch of misfits who over come the odds and somehow eek out a winning season. Those days are gone; long gone, along with Trot Nixon, Manny and soon Jason Varitek. Now Red Sox Nation struggles with a new identity. Packed full of hired help, like J-D Drew, Mark Kotsay and Dice K, they win. But to do so they had to become everything they used to hate. To beat the evil empire, they became one.

   Walk around any city in America and you see Red Sox caps from a new generation of “Johhny-Come-Lately” fans. Children root for them, unaware of the crushing history that has united their stoic and honorable fans for decades. Its fun to be a Sox Fan now — no wonder so many call it “Poser Nation.”

   But the Red Sox, like the Republicans, are at their best when they’re backs are against the wall. Both are, at their core, natural opposition parties. Never underestimate the Democrat’s ability to screw things up. Will the Dems choke like the Rays choked at Fenway? I don’t think so, but no matter what happens, both Red Nations will have a lot of soul searching to do this winter.


Kev Dr. $


P.S. I know this post will infuriate my friend Mr. McGraw.   As you prepare your scornful response its important to point out one more unfortunate similarity between Republicans and Red Sox, a humorless and blindly partisan fringe of supporters incapable of and intolerant of objective analysis.


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