Ahmani Thompson

From: Pepe McGraw <PepeMcGraw@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 14:21:16 -0700
To: <amanithomson@hotmail.com>
Conversation: [Fwd: Attn: Sir/Madam (PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP).]
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Attn: Sir/Madam (PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP).]

What a horrible blizzard of gibberish that was, I couldn’t manage to extract a lick of sense out of that garbled nonsense.  Who taught you your English?  You don’t need a competent and a reliable foreigner to help you with selling your father’s gold dust, as you suggest, rather you need someone to teach you about the frugality of verbiage.  I am impressed that you are granted time enough on the Internet over there in your African Refugee Camp to hash out those 1000 words of blinding nonsense, but that doesn’t make it right to do so.
Nonetheless, I too pray that GOD will bless you in return and give you the heart to understand that I am in no position to help you.  This is not because I am unwilling to do so, but because I am serving consecutive life sentences in the Florence, CO Supermax federal prison for burning down a nunnery and driving several charred nun corpses across state lines.  Nonetheless, I would love a visit from you. If you ever make it over here to the States on the proceeds from your gold dust, be sure to look me up.

Warmest regards, -Pepe McGraw

—— End of Forwarded Message

EMAIL ADDRESS: amanithomson@hotmail.com

Good Day,

I pray that GOD will bless you and give you the heart to help me as you
read this email.

Please permit me the time and chance to introduce my self to you. My name
is AMANI THOMSON,and i am 20years old.
I am the only Son of Late Dr Umar Thomson, a well know business man in
Sudan before he was murdered including my mother.Before the death of my
parents, my father took me to Ghana to deposit the sum of $8 million
united state dollars and also Gold Dust and Bar and make me his next of
Kin as if he knew he was going to die. After the death of my parents i
came to Ghana with the help of my late father foreign business partner who
lives he London.

I got your contact from the internet, during my search for a reliable and
competent foreigner to help me stand as my new foreign beneficiary, to
help me receive my boxes from a delivery man in London that worth $8
million dollars and also Gold Dust and Bar belonging to my late father
which he deposited in a Security and Insurance Company here in Ghana and
made me his next of kin.

The reason i came to Ghana was to get the boxes of the money and Gold
which my late father deposited in a security and finance company here in
Ghana. With the help of my late father foreign business partner, i was
able to get the boxes out of the security and Insurance company because my
late father foreign business partner help me to pay for the dumurage of
the time that the boxes have spent in the security and Insurance company.

The boxes left Ghana last 3 weeks to be delivered to my late fathers
friend by a courier service. When the delivery man arrived London, he
called my late fathers foreign business partners house so that my late
fathers business partner will give him the correct description to his
house but to the delivery man greatest surprise my late fathers friend
wife, pick the phone and told the delivery man that my late fathers friend
died in a ghastly car accident. The delivery man has no options than to
call me and told me what happen and that he wants to come back to Ghana
with the boxes but i beg him to wait for a while that i will look for a
new foreign beneficiary that will help me receive the boxes.

The delivery man can deliver to any country of my choice that i get a
foreign beneficiary from and i don’t want the boxes to come back to Ghana.
My plans was that my late fathers foreign business partner will help me to
invest the money in a good and profitable business and also help me to
sell the Gold and he will also help me come to his country to continue my
education. I promise to give him 30% of the total money and when he sell
the gold for me i will also share the money with him.

So if you are willing to help me stand as my new foreign beneficiary to
receive the boxes from the delivery man for me, i will give you the 30%
from the money and when you sell the gold i will also share the money with
you and you will help me come over to you and continue my education with
10% of the money and you will use the rest of the 60% to invest on a good
business for me.

Please reply me if you are willing to help me with your FULL NAME and
PHONE NUMBER, so that i can call you to hear your voice and also show you
all the documents given to me by my late father.

Thank you and GOD bless you,

Yours Faithfully

Amani Thomsom.


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