The Unthinkable, Thunk

Nobody is really talking about it, perhaps for fear of Secret Service investigations or general reasons of morbidity/propriety, but I can’t shake the thought that some deranged loner out there will take a shot at knocking off Barack.  I don’t like thinking or talking about these things, but watching McCain and Palin whirl around the country to rally after rally for the general purpose of whipping up hate, bigotry, fear, and viciousness over these last few days, has brought me to worry about this possiblity… and I am sorry to admit that, especially given that we are in the year 2008 AD.  It’s terrifying to consider, but the evidence does not lie: There are people out there who sincerely believe that Obama is some sort of Muslim Communist Terror Cell leader, someone who- upon taking office- will immediately construct minarets on the East Wing of the White House lawn and order the Department of Education to distribute suicide bomber vests to American School Children.  What is certainly yet more terrifying is that the McCain/Palin axis is doing its damndest to encourage these fears, and riling up the gun freak vote, those that are growing desperate with rage and terror.  Economic chaos coupled with the prospect of ole’ Barry in the White House might just be enough to push one over the edge.

We are poised for a great moment in American history, that moment when Barry takes the oath.  I have almost come to believe that he arrived precisely for these treacherous times, a man of the historical moment, who descended at the hour when the country needed someone to rise to great things.  A black man in the White House, a watershed moment in world history is near, and while it’s not fair to blame McCain or Palin for originating the sense of impending doom these people feel (they didn’t create idiocy, they’re only exploiting it), their hate rallies have me very worried.  If you were stupid enough to believe he was some sort of terrorist Manchurian Candidate, that Obama was a threat to American democracy, would you act? One twisted lone freak with the will, motivation, desire, and right kind of well-sighted weaponry is all it would take to throw the future of American Republican Government into jeopardy.   I don’t like thinking about this… but it needs to be thought about.



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2 responses to “The Unthinkable, Thunk

  1. I’m glads you’re talking about it–more needs to be said. The conversation is starting, but we can’t let it stop.

  2. I’m glad you’re talking about it–more needs to be said. The conversation is starting, but we can’t let it stop.

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