Theme From The Bottom

We’re witnessing two races to the bottom: one on Wall Street and the other on the straight talk express.

The Dow is going down the toilet and it is flushing John McCain’s legacy right along with it.

The conventional wisdom is that the economy was McCain’s undoing. Half true.

In fact, it was McCain’s reaction to the economy that killed the campaign. Obviously, it started with his “Fundamentals of the economy are strong” gaffe, but his red-faced, frantic mutterings continued apace. Angry in the first debate, aimless in the second and likely amiable in the third, as he finally accepts the crushing reality of his footnote status in the grand narrative of our colossal Bush boondoggle.

Now in a panic, the campaign has decided to plumb the depths human dignity with a string of almost comically tone deaf charges and innuendo.

McCain reminds me of Aniken Skywalker. A troubled but honorable public servant, who, out of fear and rage, was finally swayed by Chancellor Karl Rove.

“If only you knew the power of the dark side.” He sold his soul for a short term and politically ineffective strategy.

And so is goes, and now voters can only watch in stunned horror as the robotic ruins of a once great man, mechanically wheezes its way to november.

To paraphrase Churchill — the Dow will be sober in the future, but the Senator from Arizona will still be ugly in the eyes of history.

Kev Dr. $


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