When The Shit Goes Down

Ye Gods! The shit has hit the fan. And there’s brown rain everywhere. Yesterday it hit wall street—and thanks to a lame duck president, Congress decided they want nothing to do with the solution. At best we’ll have an economically inexperienced advocate for change with his outspoken veep on the task of righting the ship. But if recent events proving the existence of Murphy’s law continue to unfold, it will be far worse. God help us all if Commander McCain and his Alaskan floozy emerge at the helm this January. Despite all his grand-standing, campaign suspending, rush-to-Washington-to-save-the-day-politicking, the McCain solution seems to have been shorter-lived and more-hyped than Crystal Pepsi.

Perhaps he has Mrs. Hockey Mom herself working out a monthly expenses budget, just like when Hubby is out fishing or rallying with the Alaskan secessionists (and when she’s not busy with her high-level “trade-missions” and neighborhood watch parties with the Ruskies and the Canucks).

The chocolate rain isn’t sparing the Europeans either: Far-Right coalition governments are coming to power in Austria and Hungary. And who isn’t thrilled that the German government has had to bail out banking firm and DAX-listed Hypo Real Estate—after all financial turmoil and the emergence of right-wing governments in Europe turned out so well last time. Right, Poland?

Sen Dog (whom I’d much prefer leading this great land than Sen. McCain) has been warning us for going on 15 years now; I fear we’re not ready.


-Adlai Plebeian


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  1. i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head

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