UPDATE: By the time people were waking up on Monday morning the Market was chaos and the news of banking heavyweight Lehman Brothers’ collapse, Bank of America’s buyout of Merrill and impending doom at AIG spread. This was not because some years old press releases resurfaced as “new”. No, Otto Rossler was right.

The financial collapses are just the first casualties of the tiny black holes created by the LHC at CERN. My understanding of physics and finance tells me that this is just the beginning. Lehman and AIG are not the only banks that will falter or fail as these black holes grow and consume.

Where can I get mine?

Federal Reserve policy meeting (AP)

Meanwhile uncle sam will keep printing throwing bailout money at them. And the Europeans, builders of the LHC (or Doomsday machine), are now printing throwing billions more of their own money into preventing Otto’s black holes from doing further damage.

So good on you, Professor Rossler—you showed them! But, you’re still fucked just like the rest of us!


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