Meghan McCain, I Love Your Blog!

Below is a letter that I was compelled to dispatch to the dashing Meghan McCain today.  Undoubtedly, we’d get a lot more hits on the blog if I found a way to work in the words “Meghan McCain naked pictures” in somewhere, but we’re trying to elevate the level of discourse here a touch. We’ll let you know if we hear back from Meghan. You can read her blog here. -PM.

Dear Meghan McCain,

I am a huge fan of your blog.  If those indolent Obama girls would get their act together and start running a high-quality production like yours, maybe their father wouldn’t be trailing by 35 points in Utah.  Hell, they haven’t even written a children’s book yet, I bet they can’t even do calculus. Your case to be a first daughter is a lot stronger than theirs at this point, that’s gotta factor into this race somehow.

I wanted to ask you about the mailbag entries of your blog.  It seems every single person that has ever written you is either a) a lifelong dem who will be voting for McCain/Palin b) a huge fan of the blog, or c) greatly inspired by such a lovely young woman (you).  The letters also seem to mirror whatever your father’s talking points of the day might be.  Like Sharon from NY: “I am a life time Dem who will be voting for McCain/Palin this time around so good luck to McCain he is the change we need in Washington…..”  That one came out shortly after your father’s campaign team decided to completely retool their message to one of “change,” or to put more accurately, baldly try to co-opt the message of his opponent.

I did a quick word count on your latest mailbag; it runs to 2820 words and not one of them has even the slightest hint of negativity in there.  Is it that no one writes you negative things, or do you just enjoy seeing yourself/family verbally fellated on your own blog?

Has anyone ever written something like, “why is your father and his running mate presiding over one of the most shamefully deceitful presidential campaigns in recent memory?”  How come I never see anything in the mailbag like “Dear Meghan- I was just wondering when foxy Gov. Palin was going to stop wandering around the country spewing that nonsense about how she courageously rejected that Alaskan bridge.  Do you think after the entire world has called bullshit on the story it might be nearing time, or does she just not give a fuck about reality?”  Has there ever been a letter like “Dear Meghan- If your dad is such a maverick rebel, how has he been convinced that he needs to embrace Republican orthodoxy pretty much to a T?” Or “Dear Meghan- I am concerned that the ad your dad is running about Obama’s support for sex education for Kindergardners is so patently untrue and such a shameful attempt to lie to the American people that I will never read your blog again?”  Do you never get those?

How about something like this… Someone like me might write something like this…

Meghan McCain, fully clothed

Meghan McCain, fully clothed

“I like your father Meghan, I really do.  I would’ve voted for him in a heartbeat over either of those limp-wristed idiots who won the nominations in 2004 and if anybody out there can be a role model that America’s sons should aspire to be, surely your father is as close as they come.

That’s why it’s so painful to see him degrade and cheapen himself and our political process on an almost daily basis now, Meghan, running around the country, peddling lies and stupid nonsense that minimize all the progress and accomplishments he himself has fought and worked for over the past 26-someodd years.  I’m embarrassed for him at this point, Meghan.  I keep hoping he would tell his advisors something like “we can’t run lies like that about Obama, hell, they’re not true at all” or “My own father would be ashamed at the way I am frantically lying my ass off to get elected,”* or “let’s keep a shred of decency about us in our drive to be elected.”

Again Meghan, I really used to respect your father… But at this point nothing would make me happier than to see him stomped like a sick chicken when the polls open.  It’s the only way to salvage his reputation and dignity at this point.”

Sincerely, Pepe McGraw

*From NYT today: And consider Mr. McCain’s 1999 biography “Faith of my Fathers” in which he writes of his father and grandfather and his life-long aspirations “to live my life according to the terms of their approval.” In speaking of the bedrock role that personal honor and virtue played in his father’s life, he recounts his brother’s words about John S. McCain Jr.: “I have never met a more honest man than my father. I literally cannot think of a single time he did not tell the truth about something, as he best knew it.”


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