Williams Sisters DSRL Fantasy Ruined by Mannings

Anybody else had enough Manning endorsements this season? It’s only week one of the season and I’m already sick and tired of seeing the Manning boys shilling for crap on television. 

Williams sisters, yes. Manning brothers, no.

Tongue in your mouth Peyton!

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to Eli for that championship, and I want to see a Williams sister suck the frosting out of an Oreo cookie just as much as the next guy. But why bring out Eli and Peyton? That ruined it for me and about 90% of football fans. Lets make a rule—No football playing brothers near anything resembling Oreo-creme or a milk-moustache—leave it to cheerleaders and tennis players. I am just eternally grateful the brothers Barber have retired.


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