Lolly Stevens Still Needs Our Help

For the previous installment of this saga, see below… -PM

The Late Chico Stevens

The Late Chico Stevens

On 9/5/08 1:41 AM, “Ms. Lolly Stevens” <> wrote:  

Hello Friend,

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise,please accept the content in good faith. My Name is Ms. Lolly Stevens, the eldest child/daughter Of late Mr. Chico Stevens.My father was a big time farmer in South Wales.

My father was very successful in the farming business. Some top officials In the Government  were Jealous because of his wealth and success in the farming business.They wanted him to  Join them carry out a dubious deal against the Government but he refused, so they plan to kill him and claim all his wealth to finance their dubious deal.On one faithfull day he was driving home and he was assasinated.He was rushed to  the hospital by a good Samaritan but he did not make it.Before his death he transfered most of his fund to a Security company In Holland. 

And I don’t have anyone outside the UK that will stand for me as a beneficiary. They said they are holding (TWENTY MILLION USDOLLARS) for my father.The funds have been deposited there for four years now and it has accumulated charges which I must pay before the consignment will be released 

We will pay you seven million dollars for your help.Sorry I replied late my son was sick. All I have told you is not a joke but a real problem I and my family are facing. 

This is what you should do now. You will contact my family lawyer his name is Barrister Mark Igie, his Email: Phone: +447031742579 When you contact him through any of those means above you should furnish him with your informations, your phone number,Fax number,Address and your Full name, tell him I directed you and he should advise you on how to get in contact with the security company. DON’T FAIL US, HELP US.

Thank you- Ms. Lolly Stevens  

—— Forwarded Message

From: [xxxxx] Pepe McGraw <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008 12:21:56 -0700
To: “Ms. Lolly Stevens” <>
Conversation: Reply from Lolly Stevens
Subject: Re: Reply from Lolly Stevens

I knew your father, Chico Stevens.  We met in an Armenian bath house in that hot, passionate spring of 1957.  John McCain was there too.  A good, decent man you father was, one who enjoyed a hearty sweat in the presence of other men.  I was sorry to hear of Chico’s passing.  I too, have lost many a good friend to assassinations perpetrated by the government of Wales.  Merciless bastards, they are.

I understand how the world works, Lolly, and it pains me to inform you that you will never see a dime of your father’s money.  The Wales government undoubtedly has a trace on it.  Who knows what nefarious ends they will put your funds toward, but I can assure you that if you try to access it they’ll hunt you down like a sick rabbit and put a bullet into the base of your neck.  Probably your son too.  The Welsh security services play for keeps, and you’d do well not to cross them.

Look Lolly, seeing as how I was such a fan of your father and listening to what dire straits you are in with your young son, it strikes me that you might come live with me and my family here in America.  I am already very wealthy (I invented Pringles) and I live a quiet life with my family as a gentleman farmer (we run a small turnip farm in Northwestern Arkansas). For several hours labor each week, I could provide you your room and board.  It is hard work, but it is also decent and honorable work, and you will want for nothing while under my roof.    I can arrange business class plane tickets at your earliest convenience.

Let me know how this proposition strikes you. Please understand that I would not cross the Welsh government for any amount of money, let alone seven million dollars.

Sincerely, Pepe McGraw



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4 responses to “Lolly Stevens Still Needs Our Help

  1. Glaimus

    My response:

    Ms. Stevens:

    Unfortunately I am a MP and am directly involved in the dubious plot you mentioned. I am the one who gave the order to have Chico killed. Now that I know what you are up to, I shall alert my minions so that we can eliminate you, too.

    Have a nice day.

    Glaimus Dunster

  2. Ben Dover

    “(we run a small turnip farm in Northwestern Arkansas). ”

    I was with you 100% until this statement. Now, I am sure I will not sleep until I know whether it is the farm that is small or the turnips.

  3. Ben Dover

    ….and by the way, is that Chico on the left or right?

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