Sarah Palin Naked Photos

HA!  Face it.  You’re here because you typed “Sarah Palin naked”or “Sarah Palin nude” or “Sarah Palin Sex Tape” into Google and this is where it brought you.  There are no pictures of Sarah Palin naked here, this post is just designed to make you think “wait, did I really just search for naked pictures of Sarah Palin?  Is this what it has come to for me?”  HA!



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22 responses to “Sarah Palin Naked Photos

  1. Robert

    Actually, I typed “sarah palin sex tape” to see how many hits it got.

  2. wise acre

    that fish is about as fake as her tits!

  3. that fish is about as fake as her tits!

    Yeah, I expect you’re right.

  4. friend

    Of course.
    I want to see if the are genuine since
    I hope they will seal the deal for Obama.

    Nude ladies I have seen enough in the flesh, so to speak,
    to last a lifetime, but an Afro American in office will
    be a sight for soar eyes.

  5. jack

    soar eyes? cant you liberal perverts learn some grammer?

  6. Snipe

    This woman is insane. Her own mother in law is voting for Obama! Her underaged 17-year old daughter is pregnant & she has circulating nude photos. GOP would vote for Mickey Mouse if he were running

  7. lefty

    “cant you liberal perverts learn some grammer [sic]”

    yes. once you neo-fascist war mongers learn to spell.

  8. Dollar Bill


  9. It's Me

    Yup, i did wanna see it. it’s amasing that a 44 year old looks the way she does. Bet on it, 75% women want to look at 44 after 5 kids the way Palin looks. and 95 men would want the same in their wives. she it blessed and does the right thing to look how she does! (btw, a bumper sticker in alaska reads: Coldest state, hotest gov.

  10. sam

    may a diseased yak create bubbles in your hottub

  11. Sam

    I like her picture with a fish. She looks the outdoorsy type, and a person who gets on with business whatever that may be. Also I think she looks like the kind of woman I would gladly be married to. She is more than hot, she is smoking!

    She would fulfill me on a spiritual, companion and partner level.

  12. Perhaps this link will make some of you feel better.

    I’m Pullin’ For Palin – The Unofficial Tribute To Our Future VPILF

    There’s links to other fakes on this site too.

  13. superman815

    i’ll send u a sample of the movie soon..

  14. ronbob

    Does the fish take it in the ass???

  15. cock in ur mouth

    This Site is GARBAGE

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