From: Nzanga Mobutu (

-this is in reply to the letter I sent Mr. Mobutu accepting his request for assistance and promise of $37MM (see post from 27 August)

From:   Nzanga Mobutu (

Subject: Details, Reply Fast!!!!!

Date: 24 August 2004 09:18:30 EDT

To:   coberst@PriXXXXon.EDU



My Dear Friend Hon Caleb Esq,

Thanks for your email and understanding on this Mutual Transaction as partner. I want to let you know that i have received your email in detailed content were noted. Be inform that i have Trusted you on this transaction and ready to conclude this transaction with you as partner.

On this regard, It will interest you to know that The Fund in question is in The Security Company in Europe where you will be require to travel for the claim. On this note, I will appreciate you confirm your readiness to Visit The Security Company in Europe so that i will send to you The Contact Information of The Security Company and The Diplomat who will lead you to The Security Company for the successful Claim of this Fund.

Secondly, You advice to endeavour and send the Follows information to enable me send to The Security Company accordingly that you are My Representative and Partner that will make the claim on My Behalf this will enable you open up communication with them The Diplomat and have a date with him on when you will Visit The Security Company for the claim.

You are to send to as follows:

1, Your Full Name.

2, Your Telephone and Fax Number.

3, Your Home and Company address.

4, Your account Information where you wish That The Fund will be transfer as soon as you make the claim. 

Note that as soon as i receive this requested information from you, I will send you the The Contact information of The Security Company and That of The Diplomat as well as The Require Documents that will enable you make the claim Successfully so that you will contact them immediately and have a date with them on when you will be travelling to Meet with them for the claim.

Finally, You are advice most sincerely to keep this transaction Strictly Confidential and i will appreciate deal with this transaction Strictly on Email for Security Reason.

Hence Forth, You are advice to send the requested information to my private E-mail: 

I look forward to hearing from you to enable us proceed fast to conclude.

My Sincere Regards to you and your Family!


Reply Fast,

Nzanga Mobutu.



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2 responses to “From: Nzanga Mobutu (

  1. Major Kicks

    Sir Nzanga Mobutu,

    This is wonderful news. Please be understanding me.

    My name is Major Kicks, sir we must meet.

    I will give you or your representative 2 weeks to come and meet me at in front of MacDonalds, Waterloo Station, London, England at 08:30am Monday the 15th of September 2008.

    I will be carrying a black leather briefcase and wearing a dark grey 2 piece suit. I will be smoking & wearing a red neck-tie. Please approach me and address me with the passphrase “Sir I am looking of for Jon Dayly, Authur’s uncle.”

    I will then reply “who?”, to which you must reply “Nigel Fuchs, Sarah Palin shall I show you?”

    I will pay cash in dollars immediately you hand over the goods.

    Many best wishes to you sir. May god bring you many wives.

    Major JFKicks

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