What mid-level college marketing major fuckwad did you put in charge of your advertising program? You’re really putting Interstitial ads before my “premium” stream starts?  Really?  You think people will tolerate this?  I might miss Griffey’s 600th during the time you are forcing me to watch Grandpa getting home in time but for the grace of his trusty Radioshack batteries.  Is that fair, especially when I am paying for a “premium” service?  I say, “no, fuck that old man and his Duracels, turn the damn ball game on when I request it.” 

You have already once severely tested my patience by blasting that lame Pepsi rap every inning break, the volume of which I can only assume was a deliberate attempt to ensure that I am busted while watching baseball games surreptitiously at my job as a county corrections officer.  End this advertising madness and live up to the billing of “premium,” or I intend to cancel my service.



Most Sincerely,

Adm. Pepe McGraw, ret.


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