The Genius of Baron de Coubertin; make it a double


Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin—the man behind the modern Olympics, a genius in his own right—inventor of sports. The Baron’s task was to create an event specifically for the Games. Inspired by virtues of a contemporary soldier, the modern pentathlon was born. This event would challenge an athletes in disciplines of pistol shooting, sword fighting, swimming, horsemanship and top it all off with a cross country run.

Only a genius could create a sport immune to the onslaught of modern performance enhancing substances, except one—alcohol. Modern pentathlon has been continuously contested since 1912, and in 1968 earned a dubious Olympic-first: “Swedish pentathlete Hans-Grunner Liljenwall [was] the first to be disqualified for drug use, having tested positive for excessive alcohol.

From the look of this, it is a real problem for the sport—the commentary pretty well sums it up:

and it’s not even 9am yet.


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