let the shooting begin

shooting events have been present at every modern olympics save two. though olympic bloodlust since the un-sanctioning of  live pigeon shooting and dueling pistols fell dramatically, the irony  of sanctioned shooting as part of games of peace was not lost in this years games:

“It’s pretty ironic that two countries in a conflict, win Olympic medals in shooting. Natalia Paderina from Russia won the silver medal and Nino Salukvadze from Georgia took the bronze medal in the women’s 10 metre air pistol.”

Anschütz maker of precision air guns and target rifles, and apparently awesome sweaters perfect for that '90s shooter-athlete wannabe

but in fairness to the other competitors, it should be noted that the georgians and russians got a head start on the competition and were already shooting while other nations’ shooters were participating in the opening ceremonies.

…but i digress—air guns always fascinated me, as much for their mischief potential as anything else. i can’t really justify upgrading to a $3,500 competition air gun just to plink squirrels in the backyard. although thanks to Anschütz, with a can of pink spray paint and $150 bucks for the outfit, i can sure look the part:

i stumbled across this beauty from Anschütz representing the latest in precision air gun haute coutoure. not that i’d make fun of a guy with a zubaz rifle, but doesn’t he look like he should be wearing this headband or something? sweater available here on closeout and the [used] pants can be found here.


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